Team Information and Rules

Head Official: Prescott Bolton
Rules Committee: Prescott Bolton and Shaun O’Neill

(Time and date will be posted closer to start of Tournament)


1. The Tournament will follow International Basketball rules. (

2. Rosters will have a maximum of 12 players plus 1 coach and 1 manager.

3. Final Tournament rosters must be in the hands of the off court officials prior to tip off of the first half of the teams first game.

4. Games will be four ten minute quarters.

5. Note: All resets of the shot clock will be to 24 seconds or as directed by the referee. There is no 14 second shot clock reset.

6. All teams must be ready to go on the floor immediately after the previous game. As per FIBA rules, game lost by forfeit – if the team is not present or is unable to field 5 players to play 15 minutes after the scheduled time to begin.

7. In case of uniform clashes, a toss of a coin shall determine the team that must change.

8. Uniforms must be of the same colour and must be numbered.

9. Any player, coach or spectator interfering with the game or threatening an official will be removed from the facility and barred from the Tournament.

10. Players and coaches must have their players pass to enter facilities.

11. Questions on rules will be directed to the Referees of each game or the Head Official.

12. Disputes or protests will be submitted to the Head Official and then reviewed by the Rules Committee.

13. Any player, coach or manager found under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the course of their game will automatically be suspended.

* Please see FIBA rules modified as per the All Native Tournament Rules (ie. 2 time outs in the first half, 3 in the second…no carryover, plus one time out in overtime. Also, bonus is automatic 2 shots on the 5th foul in each quarter).

Check back often for updates and important messages